Blood Donation Event (Postponed)

International Accessibility Symbol Design Competition

The UIA and Rehabilitation International (RI) are jointly inviting submissions for a twenty-first century symbol of accessibility to represent their core values of rights and inclusion, independence, physical and virtual accessibility for all, including people with disabilities.

The challenge is to develop a new symbol of accessibility that better represents the variety of people who use buildings and other types of built environments.

See the brief:
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Call For Papers
Enhancing Sustainability of Science, Built Environment and Engineering parallel with Industrial Revolution 5.0

Date: 18-19 January 2022

Keynote Speakers

Ar. Adrianta Aziz (Managing Director of AR RAD Architects)
Topic: Architecture For A Sustainable Future

Dr. Ir. Ahmad Basri Abd Ghani (General Manager of TNB LABS Sdn. Bhd)
Topic: The Impact Of The Grid Future On Electrical Insulation & Diagnostic

Conference Of Science, Built Environment And Engineering (COSBEE 2022)


2022 UIA Year of Design for Health

The UIA is organising a roundtable and forum on the subject of Design for Health, our theme for the year 2022.

Taking place on 4 February at 14:00 CET with the support of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the event will open the UIA Year of Design for Health, addressing the plethora of issues facing architects and policymakers around the world.


The event will be livestreamed here: