This grant is an initiative to support research-focused architectural solutions and create research networks connecting practitioners and academia.  Supporting research culture in architecture education would also serve as a catalyst to increase research skills and literacy. The outcome of the research will be disseminated through various platforms within PAM and its related networks.


One or two grants [up to a maximum of RM10,000.00 (Ten Thousand) awarded in total] will be awarded to any research related to an Architecture Program.  The research also can be part of their coursework required under Design Studio.  Priorities [not limited] for 2021 will be given to the following cluster niche;

  1. Housing 
  2. Urban studies
  3. Innovative & transformable architecture
  4. Cultural, heritage & civilization
  5. Pandemic impact on architectural education

Duration: 12 months (1 year)

Budget: Maximum RM 10,000.00 per program for one (1) year

Final Submission:

  1. Research Summary on Method and Findings (max 20 pages)
  2. Two (2) Publication on Malaysia Architectural Journal (MAJ)
  3. Research Finding presentation on the PAM Academic Discourse (date will announce later)

The grant may be utilized for purposes contributing to the research of the applicant[s].  Successful applicants will be expected to submit a brief report on how the grant is to be utilized.

Key Dates

06 September 2021    : Open for registration

01 November 2021     : Submission of applications by 11.59 pm

15 December 2021     : Announcement of the awarded grants

26 December 2022     : Submission of completed research

*all dates are subject to change

Applicants will be required to present the proposed research to PAM prior to the award and after completing the research.


PAM Education Research Grant 2021 (PERG2021)

Dear PAM Member,

Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) is currently conducting a survey on Gender Equity In Architecture for the year 2021. This survey will commence from 7 September to 6 October 2021 and a final report will be published by PAM.

The aim of this questionnaire/survey is to aspire at gathering information on different trends regarding gender equality and to identify the current situation regarding gender equity in architecture students in Malaysia.

As female’s presence in the architectural profession has remained highly segregated. Although there is an apparent effort made to strive for gender equity and there is a decrease in the gender disparity, female architects remain heavily under-represented in the profession.

The results collected through this survey will be analysed for PAM to be able to outline the obstacles preventing the achievement of a better and more dynamic working life for females in the architectural profession. PAM believes that overcoming these obstacles and establishing a PAM Gender Equity Policy will be beneficial not only for the empowerment of females in society or the improvement of general gender equity statistics. It will also encourage more female participation in the profession.

Target Audience
PAM Student Members, pursuing architecture programmes in Malaysia.

The data collected will be kept confidential, however, the result will be made known.

10 Free lucky draw to be given out randomly after the survey is completed.

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Gender Equity in Architecture

An initiative of Malaysia Architecture Student Alliance (MASA) and supported by PAM Education Committee, we are pleased to inform that the Malaysian Architecture Education Online Lecture Series #42 will be held as follows:

Date: 11 September 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 8:00 pm
Platform : Zoom Meeting and MASA Facebook Live
Speaker : Ar. Anthea Chen
Topic: Travel Around The World During Pandemic

Join our live event on MASA Facebook Page:

Open to all students studying architecture programmes and the general public. Free admission and LAM CPD point not applied.

Travel Around The World During Pandemic

The PAMad 2021 is to provide a platform for all academicians, curators, community activists, and practitioners include other professionals to share their research and design. It is a safe zone for the exchange of ideas and thoughts for the betterment of a better learning environment.

The objectives are:

  • provide a platform for all academicians, curators, community activists and practitioners include other professionals to share their research and design.
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and thoughts between all professions for a better learning environment.
  • Gather information, feedback, and resources from every stakeholder to add to Malaysia Architectural Education Archive under PAM.
  • Create more varieties and 'sparks' for the built environment.

The PAMad 2021 I Series 2 Session #3 will be held as follows: 


 15 September 2021


 8.30 pm 


Ar. Dr. Srazali Aripin  
Moderated by: 
Ar. Ts. Rien Tan 


Infusion Of Values And Ethics In Architectural Education + Technology

In 2020, Malaysia has been ranked 51 out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) by the Malaysian Society for Transparency and Integrity (Tl Malaysia). While the effort in combating corruption is constantly pursued by the government of Malaysia, the issue of corruption in the construction industry is believed to be a significant concern not only to the players but also to the professionals, mainly the architects in practice. The professional integrity of an architect with good ethical values has been tarnished in the process of physical development.

This has instigated the question of the extent to which the infusion of values and ethics is being inculcated in architectural education and technologies. The review and analysis on the integration of ethics in the current architectural education will be made and highlighted in the discourse. The findings would lead to recommendations on how best the values and ethics can be infused in the architectural education in Malaysia. While the discourse may or may not lead to conclusive findings, it is hoped that the morals and ethics among the professionals will be upheld.

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Meeting ID: 831 8337 3601

Passcode: 625076

Join our live event on MASA Facebook Page:

Open to all students studying architecture programmes and the general public. Free admission.

Distance education has become the mainstream due to the pandemic and many are still without the proper means of learning online. The cost of attending tertiary level education has impeded upon students and parents due to the economic situation. Here at PAM we would like to make the burden lighter for some students.

Through the implementation of the PEF Student Digital Grant 2021, several FREE laptops will be provided to eligible students. The free laptop will be provided with aim to ease their learning abilities in their architectural studies.

To know if you are a student who is eligible for this grant please refer to the poster and link given.

Closing Date of Submission:

13 September 2021

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