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Inter Architects League 2020

A Liga 2020

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PAM Heritage Photo Hunt 4.0 2020

ARCHITALENT 2020: Architectural Students Design Competition


The main goal of the international competition, organised by ARCHIDEX is to solicit new innovative architectural and urbanistic ideas dealing with current issues and challenges. The competition expects to generate thoughtful and provocative ideas for a densely populated city like Kuala Lumpur, which underwent rapid population growth and increasing urbanisation.

A design challenge for the competition is to propose a sustainable design solution, ranging from urban to architectural scale. The ideal proposals shall address and challenge key concepts regarding air pollution, environmental sustainability, and technical challenges.



The built environment and its architecture is on the cusp of another modern age. The fourth modern revolution, will see the development coming in accordance with all the more digitally created enterprises and projects. This will change not just the paradigm on how physical structures are outlined, constructed and kept up, yet additionally how they are therefore utilized.

What it implies as a general rule is available for interpretation along with the future capacities and capabilities. Some envision it will mean the utilization of next generation materials and innovations to create smarter buildings.

Others imagine that it will come to mean of automated machine of creation, with negligible human information. Be that as it may, what is ordinarily concurred is that it speaks to the utilization of innovation to in a general sense enhance the way we outline and develop our general surroundings.

The theme is to discover an experience that’s above our expectations and a design beyond imagination. An opportunity for architecture students aiming to boost their activity to the highest level of competitiveness and innovation.

ARCHITALENT 2020 invite all architecture students to prepare for upcoming technologies and advancement in architecture, interior architecture and building material. It is the high-time for designers to consider for adopting a new wave of modern technologies, cutting-edge materials, and workforce enhancement.

Beyond a simple design competition, ARCHITALENT will continue to encourage creation, audacity and the capacity to imagine visions of anticipations of a world to come.


1 x Champion

USD1,000.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award

1 x Second Place Prize

USD500.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award

1 x Third Place Prize

USD200.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award

1 x Special Prize for Best Presenter

USD200.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award

1 x Special Prize for Audience Choice Award

USD200.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award


There are 2 Stages of selection for the competition as follows:

Stage 1 – Selection of submission for design project

Stage 2 – Presentation by 17 finalists (12 locals + 5 internationals)

10 February 2020

Registration Open

20 May 2020

Closing Date Submission by 6.00pm

5 June 2020

Announcement of 17 Finalists (12 local + 5 international)

4 July 2020

Presentation by Finalists to Jury

4 July 2020

Awards Presentation Ceremony

Entrants must submit their submissions to the Competition Secretariat via (email only) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 20 May 2020 before 6:00pm.

The 17 selected/shortlisted entries will be notified via email and required to present their submission in front of Panel of Jury on 4 July 2020, 10:00am - 1.00pm at the Plenary Theatre, Level 3 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). All expenses or logistics will be borne at their own cost and the Organizer is not responsible for any inconvenient caused.

Each 17 shortlisted finalists will be given 5 minutes presentation time.

ARCASIA Students Architectural Design Competition 2019


The Architects’ Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) is a Council of the presidents of the National Institutes of Architects of twenty-one Asian countries that are members of ARCASIA. Every alternate year, ARCASIA FORUM is hosted by one of the member countries of ARCASIA. The Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) will host ARCASIA FORUM 20 in November, 2019 with the theme “Architecture in a Changing Landscapes”.

ARCASIA Board has decided to organize a design competition among the individual students of ARCASIA member countries in this FORUM. This ARCASIA Students’ Architectural Design Competition 2019 is organized by the host Institute under the aegis of the ARCASIA Committee for Architectural Education (ACAE).


The objective of the ARCASIA Student Competition is to provide an arena for students from ARCASIA member countries to participate in ARCASIA activities. It is an opportunity for students from different cultures to exchange and share idea on particular design issue that is raised by ARCASIA every year.

Competition Theme

“A Place for Resolution”. We live in a time of many “conflicts”. These conflicts are of varied natures. Some are social, cultural, and religious; some are spatial, territorial; some are environmental and so on.

The student is to identify such a conflict and to design a “Project” that attempts to find a “Resolution”. One should venture beyond the ordinary boundaries of Architecture- not only be aware of one’s surroundings and events but also attempt to seek answers. The project should show us how “an Architect” can bring about a “Resolution” in a “Conflict”, and demonstrate the architect’s role as a thinker, a reformer, an activist, and a visionary. To set a uniform range over scale of the project being designed, students are advised to limit maximum number of users to 500 for the project.


One Gold Award : USD 500 and Certificate

One Silver Award : USD 200 and Certificate

Three Bronze Awards : Each with USD 100 and Certificate

All shortlisted entries will be showcased at ARCASIA FORUM 20. The winners will be offered local hospitality for 2 nights by the ARCASIA FORUM 20 Hosts whereas the airfare will be the responsibility of their respective member institutes.


15 July 2019 : Competition announced to Universities/Institutions/Colleges

31 July 2019 : Closing date of submission of One(1) A1-sized layout (594mm x 841mm) in landscape format to PAM

28 July 2019 : Announcement of Three(3) selected projects

31 August 2019 : Submission of 3 finalists from PAM to Organizer (Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB))

4 November 2019 : Announcement of Competition Result, Prize distribution and Exhibition at the ARCASIA Forum 20 in Bangladesh