Nov - Dec
4th PAM KL CPD: PAM Northern Chapter Online Webinar

Date 04 December 2021 (Sat), 9:30am to 12:00pm
Title Architects' Price Wars, Is this the NEW NORMAL?
(more to it than Rubber Stamping)
Speakers Ar Anthony Lee Tee
YBhg. Datuk Ar Ezumi Harzani bin Ismail
Moderator Ar Au Tai Yeow


Minimum Scale Fees?

“How can they quote such low fees – must be crazy – spoil market lah”
Free Design Proposals, Bidding Fees, Success Basis are becoming the new vocabulary
Every Part 3 Exam Candidate are required to regurgitate the SOMF, but, are the examiners themselves complying with SOMF? Truth be told - almost every Architect (Engineers & QS too) are faced with accepting cut-throat fees while still signing their lives away. Are the bigger more reputable firms discounting fees, and if so, how can the smaller players compete with “stararchitects”? Have we reached the inflection point where we allow market forces dictate fees with congruous changes to the scope and responsibilities of Architects – we might as well change the acronym of SOMF to Scale of Market Forces in line with the new normal?

Speakers Curriculums Vitae:

Ar Anthony Lee Tee

Registered Practicing Architect with LAM, PAM (Malaysia) since 1995; (PAM Fellow 2021);
Managing Director, Accredited Architect, Independent Building Inspector, Forensics Building Inspection, Certified Trainer and Expert Witness for Architect Centre S/B. (subsidiary of PAM) since 2008; Group Chief Operating & Transformation Officer for BinaPuri Holdings Berhad since 2018;

30 years in Fast-track Turn-key Design-Build projects for Hotels & Commercial Projects in collaboration with International and Malaysian clients and contractors. Administered integrated projects with multiple completion dates from concept to fully operational status as Superintending Officer, Project Director/Manager and/or as Lead Architect.

Experienced in coordination and bridging communication with foreign-based client, consultants and with Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Australian, Indian, and Chinese contractors/subcontractors, and regional experience with projects and assignments in Moscow, Thailand, Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak.

Advisory in construction industry related dispute resolution, contractual claims for cost & time.

YBhg. Datuk Ar Ezumi Harzani bin Ismail

Datuk Ezumi Harzani is the President of Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) and the Chairman of Architect Centre Sdn Bhd, an entity established under PAM providing building inspections and advisory services. He was appointed as the Advisory Board member of Kuala Lumpur City Hall for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2019 and was a board member of Board of Architects Malaysia from 2013-2021.

He is an active member of the Focus Group in Dealing with Construction Permit (FGDCP) formed under PEMUDAH since 2012, currently known as the Technical Working Group in Dealing with Construction Permit.

In architecture practice, he is a Director at Arkitek MAA Sdn Bhd, involve in implementation of various portfolios including hospitals, residentials, office buildings and hotels. He graduated with Bachelor of Housing, Building and Planning, and Bachelor of Architecture from University of Science Malaysia, and Master of Philosophy (Policy Studies) from University of Technology Malaysia.

In conjunction with the United Nation’s World Toilet Day 19 November 2020, PAM Community and Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee is organizing a Webinar