President's Speech

PAM is for All

Thank you to all PAM members for your support in the recent PAM Council elections. Once again, I was given the opportunity to lead our institute especially through these trying times. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate ourselves, be in it the way we work, live or play. Under these pandemic and economic challenges situations, PAM Council have to work closely with PAM members and staff to overcome these challenges in creating a more inclusive and engaging programmes for this council term.

With the awareness that such a contagious virus is now among us, architects are now forced to also reassess the way buildings are designed. For those who think that the COVID-19 is a passing one-off pandemic, think again. According to scientists, with the annual rise in global temperature, chances of pandemics also increase as it prompts animal migration and other evolutionary changes. The rise in global human population that spreads our development footprint compounds to the problem. Now, more than ever, we need to depart from our normal ways.

With a considerably shortened term, we need members’ support to ensure that the Institute remains as a premier professional body that provides platforms for members to share experiences and best practice, promoting the adoption of current technology for advancement of architecture and for the benefit of the society. This pandemic will be the stick that pushes PAM council to work hard to ensure it remains beneficial and relevant to all members.

In fulfilling the vision that ‘PAM is for All’, the council has opened up a seat in council for a PAM student representative to encourage younger members participation in PAM activities. I believe this move will bring about better collaborative programmes among corporate members, graduate members and student members.

This term will also see the continuation of important effort for the practice of architecture namely on the stakeholder fee collection and on the matter of construction permit regulations. From the previous council, the Gender Equity committee will be maintained to support women participation in our profession.

Recently we have made some headway with respect to construction permit regulations when the Economic Action Council (EAC) decided to adopt an industry proposal made through the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) whereby physical completion will be deemed accepted if no clearance letter is issued after 28 days from the date of final inspection. This would greatly improve CCC issuance time for completed buildings.

The pandemic has also brought with it a silver lining. The MCO necessitated businesses to rely on efficiency and online meetings to achieve the same outcome as physical meetings. The time and cost saving of efficient work processes should be continued even after the MCO ends. With this in mind, many PAM committee meetings are encouraged to move online. For this term, the monthly council meetings too will be conducted online to ease chapter representatives and council members from having to travel to PAM office each month. As council meetings may require voting of decisions, we have developed a standard operating procedure on online voting process.

Plans to upgrade chapters are also in the pipeline. Chapters have sought assistance to upgrade their office and facilities in order to conduct better programmes in their area. This is important to enable chapters to conduct programmes that could draw more public interest in architecture aside from just practice matter programmes to members. This is in line with one of the aims of PAM, which is for the promotion of architecture.

The upgrading of chapters should be viewed as PAM investment as per the vision of our previous PAM leaders. During their time, they have started the ball rolling when they came up with the idea of having our own headquarters. To date, after the opening of PAM Centre, our institute now has the means to generate our own income each year. This fund should be used for activities that are beneficial to all members. It should be the way forward made by PAM council in order to best serve members interests.

Before I sign off, I wish to take this opportunity to wish all members a happy and safe Merdeka celebration with friends and family. Mask on!

Datuk Ar. Ezumi Harzani Ismail
Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia