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Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) is currently conducting a survey on Gender Equity In Architecture for the year 2021. This survey will commence from 7 September to 6 October 2021 and a final report will be published by PAM.

The aim of this questionnaire/survey is to aspire at gathering information on different trends regarding gender equality and to identify the current situation regarding gender equity in architecture students in Malaysia.

As female’s presence in the architectural profession has remained highly segregated. Although there is an apparent effort made to strive for gender equity and there is a decrease in the gender disparity, female architects remain heavily under-represented in the profession.

The results collected through this survey will be analysed for PAM to be able to outline the obstacles preventing the achievement of a better and more dynamic working life for females in the architectural profession. PAM believes that overcoming these obstacles and establishing a PAM Gender Equity Policy will be beneficial not only for the empowerment of females in society or the improvement of general gender equity statistics. It will also encourage more female participation in the profession.

Target Audience
PAM Student Members, pursuing architecture programmes in Malaysia.

The data collected will be kept confidential, however, the result will be made known.

10 Free lucky draw to be given out randomly after the survey is completed.

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Gender Equity in Architecture