Wednesday, 23rd June 2021,12:56:25pm

Nomination for Graduate Member Representative as Non-corporate Members in PAM Council 2021-2022

Dear PAM Graduate Member,

Please be informed that PAM is seeking nominations for the Graduate Representative to sit on Council as a Non-Corporate Member on PAM Council 2021-2022.

PAM will be considering nominations by current PAM Graduate Members to nominate their representative on Council.

The following is the criteria for the nomination of the Graduate Representative as PAM Non-Corporate Member on PAM Council, pursuant to PAM Constitution Clause 8.10.2 (b):

‘The candidate for Non-Corporate Member on Council must have been a PAM member for one year and a member of any committee for a minimum of one year.’

Please complete the nomination form and submit via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the nomination form, please submit a nomination statement which summarises the nominee’s achievements and why he/she should be on PAM Council, and the nominee’s CV. It is particularly important to describe the nominee’s achievements as it will form part of the Council's criteria for assessing nominations.

Only one Graduate Member Representative as Non-Corporate Member on Council may be nominated to the Council. If more than one nominations are received by the Secretariat, Graduate Members will be invited to vote for their preferred candidate via online polling.

The deadline to submit nominations for the Graduate Representative as Non-Corporate Member on PAM Council 2021-2022 is at 5.00 pm, 19 May 2021, Wednesday.