Sunday, 19th November 2017,8:56:52pm

Contract Administration - The Time Extension Conundrum

07 January 2017, Saturday
Speaker: Ar. Thurai Das Thuraisingham
Venue: Dewan Presiden, Level 2, PAM Centre, 99L Jalan Tandok, Bangsar 59100, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm


This presentation, in the first part, reflects on the Architect’s role as a contract administrator during the contract implementation phase of a building project.

The Architect’s duties and responsibilities during this phase is defined both by the Client/Architect Agreement and by the provisions in the building contract between the employer and the contractor. Under the terms and conditions of the PAM Standard Form (2006) of building contract, the Architect as superintending officer carries out his professional duties, both as the employer’s agent and contract administrator. The latter role imposes on the Architect an obligation, not only to exercise competent professional judgement, but also a duty to act fairly between the contracting parties.

The second part of the presentation focuses on the dilemmatic time extension issue. It is imperative that the Architect as contract administrator, exercises the authority to grant time extension, in a judicious manner. Procrastination, or worse, inaction, would attract negative consequences to both the contracting parties. An understanding of work programmes and delay analysis in construction contracts would be beneficial to the Architect, in his assessment of the contractor’s time extension claim.

Speakers' Profile

Ar. Thurai Das Thuraisingham obtained an honours degree in architecture from the University of Auckland. He has been a professional architect for the past thirty three years and is the Managing Director of Das Azman Architects Sdn Bhd, an architectural practice established in 1992.

He also holds an honours degree in law from the University of London and a Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, United Kingdom, and a panel member of arbitrators in the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre For Arbitration.

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