Speculative Design is about looking into the future and to speculate on things that could be and should not be based on scenarios and issues we are currently facing today. We should start considering the looming issues such as advancement of technology and automation may threatens the profession of architects and designers alike. Through an intellectual discourse, this Speculative Design workshop will facilitate ways to look forward through different disciplines, medium and lenses to address challenges and opportunities of the future, with the hope to find possible solutions. During this workshop the intellectual discourse will address the current issues that will then be represented through physical products or digital visuals which will be supported by written documentation produced during the workshop. The time capsule will contain archives of works and documents produced during this workshop in the form of a thumb drive, CDs, photos, physical souvenirs and printed documentations. All of these items will be kept in the capsule and will only be revealed in 2029. However, the physical products created during this workshop will be on display for a month with minimal vague descriptions. Detailed explanation of the these products will only be known in 2029.


# 1 university for 1 participation only

# Participation is based on the First Come First Served Basis

Important Date

29 May 2019 - Open for Registration

14 June 2019 - Confirmation of Participation (registration via online)

28-30 June 2019 - Workshop Start/Event Date