This grant is an initiative to support research-focused architectural solutions and create research networks connecting practitioners and academia.  Supporting research culture in architecture education would also serve as a catalyst to increase research skills and literacy. The outcome of the research will be disseminated through various platforms within PAM and its related networks.


One or two grants [up to a maximum of RM10,000.00 (Ten Thousand) awarded in total] will be awarded to any research related to an Architecture Program.  The research also can be part of their coursework required under Design Studio.  Priorities [not limited] for 2021 will be given to the following cluster niche;

  1. Housing 
  2. Urban studies
  3. Innovative & transformable architecture
  4. Cultural, heritage & civilization
  5. Pandemic impact on architectural education

Duration: 12 months (1 year)

Budget: Maximum RM 10,000.00 per program for one (1) year

Final Submission:

  1. Research Summary on Method and Findings (max 20 pages)
  2. Two (2) Publication on Malaysia Architectural Journal (MAJ)
  3. Research Finding presentation on the PAM Academic Discourse (date will announce later)

The grant may be utilized for purposes contributing to the research of the applicant[s].  Successful applicants will be expected to submit a brief report on how the grant is to be utilized.

Key Dates

06 September 2021    : Open for registration

01 November 2021     : Submission of applications by 11.59 pm

15 December 2021     : Announcement of the awarded grants

26 December 2022     : Submission of completed research

*all dates are subject to change

Applicants will be required to present the proposed research to PAM prior to the award and after completing the research.


PAM Education Research Grant 2021 (PERG2021)