Saturday, 10th April 2021,1:50:42pm

PAM Academia Discourse 2021 (PAMad 2021)

The PAMad 2020 is to provide a platform for all academicians, curators, community activists and practitioners include other professionals to share their research and design. It is a safe zone for the exchange of ideas and thoughts for the betterment of a better learning environment.

The objectives are:

  • provide a platform for all academician, curator, community activist and practitioners include other professional to share their research and design.
  • Encourage exchange of idea and thoughts between all profession for better learning environment.
  • Gather information, feedback and resources from every stakeholder to add into Malaysia Architectural Education Archive under PAM.
  • Create more varieties and 'sparks' for built environment

Season 1




17 Mar 2021

Ts. Dr. Mohd Zairul Mohd Noor (UPM)

S.O.L.E (Studio Oriented Learning Environment During COVID-19)

14 Apr 2021

Asst. Prof. Teoh C Keong, Doris Fong Y Ying (UCSI)

Creativity Without Border

12 May 2021

Abd Muluk Abd Manan (UTAR)

Design Competition As An Alternative Studio Pedagogy And How To Organize A National Level Competition During A Global Pandemic

16 Jun 2021

Academia Discourse with UPM, UCSI, UTAR

Season 2




14 Jul 2021

To be advised

To be advised

18 Aug 2021

To be advised

To be advised

15 Sept 2021 To be advised To be advised

10 Oct 2021

To be advised

To be advised

Season 3

Representative from Each Uni (IPTA/IPTS) – To be advised


  • Free admission
  • Open to academicians, practitioners and students.

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For enquiries, please contact PAM secretariat (En. Muhammad Ridzwan) at 03-2202 2866 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.