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PAM Professional Practice Forum 10.0

Date: 2 December 2017, Saturday

A big proportion of architects in Malaysia practice as sole proprietors without incorporating a private limited company, thus potentially exposing themselves to unlimited commercial liability. Now with the recent amendments to the Company Act 2016 a single business owner can form a Sdn Bhd company. How does this apply to an architectural practice? What are the privileges and liabilities of the sole practitioner practicing as a private limited company? We have Mr. Kong Min Enn, Director, YCC Mekong Tax Services Sdn Bhd, to share with us on “Architectural Practice as a Sdn Bhd”.

Still in Malaysia, the ratio of practicing architects to the population is approximately 1 to 15,000. This implies that a large percentage of Malaysians may not personally be in acquaintance with an architect let alone having the privilege of engaging the services of an architect. PAM has taken the initiative to reach out to the public with the building inspection services offered by Architects Centre Sdn Bhd. Ar. Anthony Lee Tee will share his experiences in “Architectural Practice as a Service to the Community”.

Malaysia has been consistently ranked within the top 20 trading nations in the world in terms of trade volume and competitiveness. While commodities and manufactured goods make up the bulk of our exports, professional services form a significant portion of our imports. All successful import and export activities will have to involve the collaboration with strategic business partners at the destination. What about Architectural services? In terms of trade competitiveness, where do we stand as a profession? Ar. Lillian Tay, Principal of VERITAS Architects, will share her experiences in “Collaborating with Foreign Architects in Malaysia and Overseas”.

Come and join us on 2 December 2017, Saturday, Dewan Presiden, PAM Centre, Jalan Tandok Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.