Thursday, 14th December 2017,7:09:15am

ICOMOS MALAYSIA WORLD HERITAGE DAY FORUM - Importance of Heritage Awareness: Moving Forward

In conjunction with World Heritage Day celebrations on 18 April 2017, ICOMOS Malaysia is organising ICOMOS Malaysia World Heritage Day Forum: Importance of Heritage Awareness: Moving Forward. The forum will be held as follows:

Date : Saturday, 29 April 2017
Time : 11.00 am – 12.45 pm
Venue : Badan Warisan Malaysia, No. 2, Jalan Stonor 50450 Kuala Lumpur

There has been a growing interest towards our own heritage and full-on efforts by the public and private sectors to conserve both tangible and intangible heritage assets in the country. While this development is encouraging, we are wary should these interest and efforts prove to be merely superficial and exploitative.

With heritage awareness seeping in, the public’s expectation on the standards of protection and management of heritage assets increases. Are the relevant parties involved aware of what’s at stake should ill-informed/misguided decisions and ad-hoc solutions are taken? How deep is the state of heritage awareness among them and us, really? What are the steps that we can take so that the right understanding of heritage principles becomes rooted within?

The forum presents the voice of three ICOMOS Malaysia members with different professional backgrounds on the subject. Dato’ Ar. Hajeedar Abdul Majid will sit on the panel as the Chairman of Majlis Warisan Kebangsaan and a Professional Architect. Rosli Haji Nor, the former General Manager of the now dissolved Melaka World Heritage Office will share his experience in dealing with tourists’ expectations in Melaka. President of Badan Warisan Malaysia, Elizabeth Cardosa, will inform us about the efforts carried out by non-governmental organisations.

Each panel member will speak for 15-minutes before the session is open to the floor. The forum will be moderated by Ar. Tiong Kian Boon, Honorary Secretary of ICOMOS Malaysia.

The space is limited and first come first serve basis and open to the public . Pre-registration encouraged.

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