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Malaysia Architectural Journal: Call For Paper

The Malaysia Architectural Journal (MAJ) is a multi-disciplinary journal produced annually (3 Issues/year, APRIL, AUGUST, DECEMBER) related to theory, experiments, research, development, applications of ICT in the practice of architectural and built environment.

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The Association Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) Webinar Series

Accelerating Cyber Security Culture at Workplace

Technical Talk on Applications of Fibre Optic Sensing Technology in Civil Engineering

PAM – 2nd Survey To Access The Impact Of The MCO And COVID-19 On Architecture Firms

  • This is a follow-up survey by the PAM Research & Futures Committee to better understand the impact of the MCO on our firms.
  • Findings of our first survey (5-10 May 2020) were used to assist policymakers in formulating relief measures found in PENJANA.
  • In order to ensure accuracy of the survey, we ask only one Director/Principal per architectural practice to answer the survey. 
  • Thank you for returning your survey to PAM to help us better support Architects to steer us through these challenging times.
  • This survey is only open from 4 - 18 July 2020.

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