The State of Quality of Works on Completed Projects

Topic: Quality of Work

Buying property is one of the most significant financial investments in our life. Unfortunately, at current times, it is almost impossible to buy a ‘disease’-free property. Often, property stakeholders faced with an unreasonable amount of pre and post-handover defects. Such issues stem from design, workmanship, and maintenance. Findings from ACSB inspections over the last decade shows that some of the common faults are cracks on walls, water seepage and leaks, electrical deficiencies, and the list goes on. It is disheartening that the building is sick even before occupancy, and regularly, property owners find themselves in murky waters due to investment in a poor quality property.

Who should they lay the blame on?

The developer? Or even the consultants?

Aren’t the Architects supposed to be the gatekeeper of quality and safety?

Do we not have sufficient building regulations to govern all building developments?

What can you do as a professional in this field or as a property stakeholder to mitigate further deterioration of building quality in Malaysia?

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