The Secret Sauce: Recipe to be Competitive in Architectural Competitions

Juries are people, and people are predictable and unpredictable at the same. This ambiguity or constant swing between these two states of mind is the foundation of public comprehension and appreciation of design work. Anticipating and gauging this factor is the foundation of architectural creation intended for a design competition.

Anonymous, open and accessible design competitions are great levelers for young budding designers to compete on an even playing field with larger firms. It’s a venue for ideas of different school of thought to fight it out to resolve a common issue. It’s a validation platform for design ideas to be recognized and possibly realized.

This sharing session will feature a list of recommendations based on the speaker’s personal experience, after actively entering design competitions for nearly a decade. These recommendations will be reinforced by case studies, examples, and parables. The session is interactive and will end with a simple design positioning exercise.