Malaysia External Cladding Full System Fire Test to BS8414

This paper looks at the newly setup SIRIM external cladding full system fire test facility in Malaysia according to BS 8414-1:2015 as a result of Grenfell Tower disaster with a fatality rate of 73 victims. Understanding of material science and their behaviour in fire has caught the attention of world construction industry and Government agencies of the current problem in laboratory testing which may not be relevant in construction industry application. Standards and Codes developed over the decade may not be appropriate to deal with rapid development and introduction of modern synthetic building materials which is highly combustible and may emit toxic gases which impede escape during a fire incident. This paper will relook at the fire behaviour of building materials, the thermal conductivity which fulfils Green Building index yet will not assist in fire propagation or with high smoke and toxicity index. Architects need to understand the fundamentals of fire compartmentation, fire resistant with proper product selection to prevent and avoid any potential lethal fire incidents.