Life in Architecture

"Life in Architecture" embodies the idea of liveness within Architecture. Firstly, it questions the inhabitants lifestyle, and subsequently its neighbours. We endeavor the interaction between the neighbours and inhabitants. This encouragement is made via the design of the spatial arrangement, solid and void, plants, potential activities, and even its construction detail. Creating possibility in Architecture, we attempt to consider ways to encourage a better Third Space. Coined after Ray Oldenburg, the Third Space is a social space surrounding community life and unplanned interaction.

This is done by either creating (a) space of no obligation, (b) leveling space, (c) conversation, (d) accommodating, (e) familiar spaces, (f) wholesome, (g) playful and (h) a sense of home.

By doing so, we incorporate the Third Space into our Residential projects, School, Cinema, Hotel, and Gallery Spaces. We will be discussing these ideas via our proposals and projects.