Disability Equality Training (Physical Handicap)

Disability Equality Training (DET)

DET is a comprehensive method to understand issues related to disability from the perspective of the Social Model. This training has been applied internationally and has a positive impact from the point of creating an inclusive community and environment for all of the facilities, services and equipment. DET was developed by a group of disabled persons from the United Kingdom and started to be implemented in the late 1970s before being developed around the world. The main goal of DET is to change the perception of the community towards disability and creating an inclusive society for all. This training is lead or facilitated by disabled persons as a trainer. This training is used as a foundation in developing services for these groups that include the job support system, Job Coach and Personal Advocacy devoted to persons with learning difficulties.

DET is relevant to all participants who may be disabled or non-disabled Persons. In other words, it applies to all targeted groups so they can understand the meaning of disability from the Social Model perspective . Participants will not only accept and understand PWDs, but will also provide a support system to enable them to enjoy a fair and equitable life like a non-disabled person.

This training is focussing on empowering for disabled people and awareness / understanding for the participant among the non-disabled person. In addition to understanding the broad meaning of inability in the context of social models, participants are trained to plan and act to break all barriers that prevent the PWDs from fully participating in society.

What is the purpose of DET?

  • Understanding the term of disability from a Social Model perspective
  • Understand the causes and situations that cause disability issues such as physical barriers, social isolation, participation barriers, discrimination and perceptions
  • Be able to plan and act to enable disabled persons in the community.
  • M network with government and private sector