BIG Data in Architecture

Building Architecture Resilience on Big Data

  1. Introducing the big data concept and what big data means.
  2. Construction professional’s progression on big data:
    Insights on comparison among how professions in the construction industry view big data, the lack of big data understanding and awareness in this industry as well as share ideas on what architects are talking about big data in current context.
  3. Big data and architects:
    Insights how big data is revolutionizing the construction industry and share some ideas on how concepts like VR, drone, BIM, sustainable building and smart city is related to big data. Specifically, how architects can make sense, integrate these technologies and deliver better services to clients and customers by using big data.
  4. Big data and the architect profession, crossroad between creativity suppressant and path of growth:
    Insights on the value of human creativity and how big data deals with those issue. Specifically, ideas on big data creating an open-minded space and creativity enhancer instead of negative perception on big data that is automating architect’s decisions.
  5. Moving forward with big data:
    Some ideas on what data is needed, how to collect and what to do with data.



Received MSc. (2017) in International Business Management from University of Aberdeen and BSc (2015) in Quantity Surveying from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with research specialization in big data for quantity surveying profession and the Malaysian construction industry. Previous involvement in the industry as Procurement and Project Executive in Sime Darby Property. Among awards received are the Scottish Young Entrepreneur Gold award, Axiata Top CEO Leadership award and RISM Lawrence Chin gold medallist. Her current interest includes application of big data, construction business management and strategic competitiveness in construction organizations.