Architects’ Fee Scenario in Asian Countries

Architects are the sole professionals who are qualified through education, training and continuous professional development to provide services on planning and design of built environment including providing technical advice and aesthetic decisions. In providing Architectural services, Architects not only have responsibilities to the client but also to the community and the public as a whole. Architects are bound and liable by many laws and are obliged to protect public interest, safety and health.

An Architect must be reasonably compensated for the services to be provided to the client under the contract and also for Architects’ general obligation towards the client, to the profession, and to the society and environment. However, in reality there are many issues and challenges with regards to Architects’ fees and collection of fee in many countries all over the world. In many countries, Architects are not remunerated fairly including in some Asian countries.

Issues ranging from low fees, fee bidding, fee undercutting, deferred mode of payment, difficulties in collecting fees, non-payment, free services, free proposals to secure job, fee on success basis, market forces and so on are so rampant.

While some countries have mandatory scale of fee, some have recommended fee or fee guide and other do not have fee guide at all. In Asian region, the scenario and experiences on Architects’ fee, fee collection, practice and scope of services differs from country to country.

The paper will present Architects’ fee scenario and issues and challenges with regards to Architects’ fee in practice of different Asian countries.