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ARCASIA Thesis Of The Year Awards 2020

The objective of the ARCASIA Thesis of the Year 2020 (TOY ARCASIA 2020) is to provide an arena for the schools of architecture in ARCASIA member countries and their postgraduate students to display their potentials and fresh ideas in the international platform provided by ARCASIA in order to heighten and elevate architecture education in Asia. TOY ARCASIA is dedicated to fresh ideas in Thesis from the final year students in each country members. It opens a route to the knowledge exchange of architectural education.

30 September 2020

Closing date of submission to PAM Secretariat

15 October 2020

Submission of 03 Finalist by respective Secretariat (PAM) to TOY ARCASIA Committee

16 November 2020

Announcement of result

ACA 2021, Shanghai (Winners Declaration and Awards Ceremony)

Click the link for more details on the Guidelines and Submissions procedure:

ARCASIA Thesis Of The Year Awards 2020