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Housing 4.0

Launching Ceremony of HOUSING 4.0

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The Gyproc Multi Comfort Student Contest

The Multi Comfort Student Contest is a worldwide competition for students of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Design, etc. Each year, Saint-Gobain is selecting a country with an architectural challenge to address sustainable design, energy efficiency and Multi Comfort. Students from different universities all around the world are bringing up their best ideas. These contest supported by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM).

Timeline (National Stage, Malaysia)

14 March 2019 - Registration Open
10 April 2019 - Closing Date of Submission
18 April 2019 - Presentation by 10 shortlisted students to Panel of Jury
19 April 2019 - Announcement of 2 selected students to represent Malaysia
for the International Stage
25 April 2019 - Presentation of award to students to represent Malaysia

Timeline (International Stage - Milan, Itali)

5 - 8 June 2019 - Presentation among international contestants in Milan, Itali
* all expenses will be covered by Saint-Gobain for international stage

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Logo Competition: UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture

UIA is launching a competition for the UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture logo.

The World Capital of Architecture is a new triennial programme launched by UNESCO and the UIA, wherebythetwoorganisations will designate cities hosting the UIA World Congress of Architects as World Capitals of Architecture for a period of 1 year. The city designated as World Capital of Architecture will become a global forum for discussing the pressing challenges facing our world, through the prisms of culture, heritage, urban planning and architecture. UNESCO, the UIA and local institutions will organise activities and events to promote projects that will involve not only architects and urban planners, but professionals from all other related sectors, including artists, writers, policy makers, and social institutions. The overriding objective of the World Capital of Architecture initiative is for designated cities to style themselves as open and creative spaces to discuss, exchange and seek solutions to the urban dilemma.

More information about the World Capital of Architecture

The winning logo will be used all around the world for the World Capital of Architecture programme branding. While a new World Capital of Architecture is nominated every 3 years, the programme logo stays the same.


This competition is open to anyone. Submissions can be made as an individual or as a team.


Launch – Wednesday 6 February 2019
Deadline – All projects must be submitted online via the competition platform by 18:00 Central European Time, Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Results – The winning project will be announced on Monday, 27 May 2019


First prize – 3,000 EUR (three thousand Euros)
Second prize – 1,500 EUR (one thousand five hundred Euros)

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ARCHITALENT 2019: Architectural Students Design Competition

ARCHITALENT 2019: Architectural Students Design Competition

ARCHITALENT 2019, the Architectural Students Design Competition is an initiative of ARCHIDEX 2019, the International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition, Malaysia jointly organised by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) and C.I.S Network Sdn Bhd. The main goal to solicit new innovative architectural and urbanistic ideas dealing with current issues and challenges. The competition expects to generate thoughtful and provocative ideas for a densely populated city like Kuala Lumpur, which underwent rapid population growth and increasing urbanisation. A design challenge for the competition is to propose a sustainable design solution, ranging from urban to architectural scale. The ideal proposals shall address and challenge key concepts regarding air pollution, environmental sustainability, and technical challenges.


ARCHITECTURE 4.0 - Towards Building a Better Nation

The built environment and its architecture is on the cusp of another modern age. The fourth modern revolution, will see the development coming in accordance with all the more digitally created enterprises and projects. This will change not just the paradigm on how physical structures are outlined, constructed and kept up, yet additionally how they are therefore utilized.

What it implies as a general rule is available for interpretation along with the future capacities and capabilities. Some envision it will mean the utilization of next generation materials and innovations to create smarter buildings.

Others imagine that it will come to mean of automated machine of creation, with negligible human information. Be that as it may, what is ordinarily concurred is that it speaks to the utilization of innovation to in a general sense enhance the way we outline and develop our general surroundings.

The theme is to discover new materials, the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative construction systems. An opportunity for architecture students aiming to boost their activity to the highest level of competitiveness and innovation.

By having this new theme, ARCHITALENT 2019 invite all architecture students to prepare for upcoming technologies and advancement in architecture, interior architecture and building material. It is the high-time for designers to consider for adopting a new wave of modern technologies, cutting-edge materials, and workforce enhancement.

Beyond a simple design competition, ARCHITALENT will continue to encourage creation, audacity and the capacity to imagine visions of anticipations of a world to come.


Champion (One Winner)
RM3,000.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award

Second Place Prize (One Winner)
RM2,000.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award

Third Place Prize (One Winner)
RM1,000.00 Cash Prize with a Certificate of Award


28 March 2019: Registration Open

31 May 2019: Closing Date Submission by 6.00 pm

14 June 2019: Announcement of 15 Finalists

6 July 2019: Presentation by Finalists to Jury

6 July 2019: Awards Presentation Ceremony